The existence of Terra came with an abundance of exotic plants and wonderous landscapes. Blessed by the light of Luna, all nature flourished. However Terra was lacking in one thing; life.

And so the Terra Turtles were born from the light of Luna. They roamed Terra in bliss, taking inspiration from the pop culture of other worlds. They did their best to give back.

These are the first generation of Terra Turtles. 🐢

Whilst the mint number for the Genesis Turtles are fixed at first, the coming chapters may hold events that force that number to decrease.

1 Luna Turtle

Since Terra Turtles is focused on long term growth and building a fantastic community, the team has decided to offer each turtle for only 1 Luna for everyone to join in on the fun.

Built with Luna

The Ethereum ecosystem is already oversaturated with projects. Luna presents to us the perfect opportunity to be the first project with a highly thought through roadmap and plans for long term utility.

Time For Mint

Unique NFTs

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1/1 Turtles


Check the Perks of holding Terra Turtles.

We are building long-term perks and projects to allow all Turtle holders to find value in holding our Turtles.

Affordable NFT

We decided to decrease the price from 2.5 Luna to 1 Luna to encourage people to mint more turtles and decrease the barrier of entry.

Breeding Mechanics

The holder is able to control the Turtle's life by deciding to breed more turtles by sacrificing their original turtle.

Strong Community

Have access to a strong community on Discord where competitions, game nights and fun discussions occur, and you may also make a new friend.

P2E Gaming

Terra Turtles is working on collaborating with NFT games to integrate into Play to Earn gaming and use the turtles to earn money.


Terra Turtles is looking to immerse itself into the metaverse, building a community for the Turtles with accessories, pets and much more being introduced gradually.


Have access to Terra Turtle's DAO, where you vote for which NFTs Terra Turtles should stock and invest in.

Ready to Mint Your Own Terra Turtle?


Check Out Some Possible Turtles

These turtles are the most unique turtles in all of our universe. Check them out and be amazed.

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Mint 5555

Mario Turtle

Totoro Turtle

Deadpool Turtle

Ape Turtle

Anchor Protocol Tribute

Loop Finance Turtle

Loop Finance Tribute

Nexus Turtle

Nexus Protocol Tribute

Buzz Lightyear Turte

Pororo Turtle


What Lies Ahead In Terra Turtles' Future

Chapter 1 - November 2021

The 'ADAM' Turtle

This turtle is the genesis turtle, the first sign of life in our Terra universe.

Chapter 2 - December 2021

The 'EVE' Turtle

This turtle is created from the rib of the 'ADAM' turtle. In order to create this turtle, a male turtle must be sacrficed to the Gods in order to create the EVE.

Chapter 3 - December 2021

Generation Turtles

An 'EVE' Turtle and an 'ADAM' turtle breed to have a baby turtle that takes a mixture of their traits, and sometimes a rare one comes up.

Chapter 4

The Burnings - 2022

The Children need friends to play with. They need toys, homes and more! However these vital items don't appear from thin air. To receive these truly special NFTs, You must choose to burn your Child in return for a new, unique and randomly generated NFT that will hold its own unique benefits.

Chapter 5

P2E and Metaverse - 2022

The turtles will come to life in the metaverse and gaming where taking care of your turtle family will be crucial in the survival of the Turtle ecosystem in the Terraverse.


Our Hard Working Team

This project would not have been possible without the upmost dedication and passion from each member of the team.


Overall Project Manager

Purple Squirtle

Cofounder / Artist


Lead Marketing and Launch Advisor


Lead Website and Blockchain Developer


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